WOD: 9-23-12

WOD: For time:

Broken up anyhow:

2000M Row
50 Pull Ups
50 Wall Balls (20/14)
200 Double Unders


Q)  Broken up anyhow!?  What does that mean?!

A) It means that you get to select how you are not going to enjoy this workout.

Today  you can select how the workout happens to you by switching things up at any point.  Will you break up the entire workout into individual rounds or will get certain potions (you know will not be pleasant) completely out of the way? Should you save an entire set for last or should you open with an entire part and ration out the remainder of the WOD into a few rounnds?  There are no right or wrong answers to finishing this workout as long as you remember the idea that transition time will matter in the end.  Your plan of 50 rounds for time of: 40M of Rowing, 1 Pull Up, 1 Wall Ball, and 4 Double Unders may seem like a good idea, up until you have spent more time switching exercises then actually doing work.  If there were a perfect way to do this workout, I would probably not post it because it would be personal to me.  I am sure that even though a coach may tell you how they would run through this, it is still not the optimal way for YOU.  Thinking of how to best get through a workout is part of a winning game plan and today will be no different.

Guess who is moving to town!?,




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